BIKEHOME – Reviews

Steffen B., Germany

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“I can honestly say that I am very happy with my BIKEHOME to date. Building the garage was very easy with the help of the included manual. Two people working together make it easier to assemble the cover and put all bars together.  I am truly overwhelmed by the size! My moped fits easily inside! The cover and the construction of all individual pieces makes a great impression – there is nothing to compare here between the BIKEHOME and the typical covers on the market! I like that the cover gives the impression that it is made to last and that its not necessary to think about having to buy a new cover every spring! On top of all of this, it is great to be able to park my moped inside directly after a ride without having to wait for it to cool down! I was also impressed by the contact with the manufacturer, who quickly and kindly answered all of my questions! Keep up the good work, I have no complaints to date! I can only continue recommending the BIKEHOME!

Markus S., Germany

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“Very easy to use – my motorcycle is reliably protected against weather and scratches! All of my expectations were met and I am very satisfied! As a technical novice I found the construction best with two people.”

Bodo C., Germany

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“I am very satisfied and my expectations were completely met. The BIKEHOME provides complete protection for motorcycles and is very easy to use. On top of this, air can circulate very well under the BIKEHOME. I would absolutely buy the BIKEHOME again.”

Matthias C., Germany

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“I am very happy to date. There are not any loose covers flying around and the cover cannot scratch the moped or remove any paint.  The BIKEHOME could only be more perfect if it included marten repellant. If I did not own one I would absolutely buy another!”

Günther H., Austria

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“I am very pleased with my purchase and the protection that this product gives my motorcycle. Although conventional covers are nice, the BIKEHOME has the advantage of being able to use immediately after a ride. No more waiting until the exhaust cools down: just pull up, park and close the BIKEHOME. Excellent for people who do not have a garage.”

Anton K., Austria

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“I am very happy, all of my expectations were completely met. Assembly is fast and uncomplicated and the garage is easy to use.”

Ralph K., Germany

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“I am definitely very happy with my purchase :-))! All of my expectations were met! Quick and easy to use, just move one handle and your bike is kept dry, ventilated and is always ready to go! I would buy the BIKEHOME again!”

Achim D., Germany

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“I am very pleased to date, my bike has already lived through one strong storm protected by the BIKEHOME. My only wish would be a place to lock it up. At this point in time I would buy this bike garage again.”

Franz S., Portugal

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“I am completely happy with this product and all of my expectations have been fulfilled. The BIKEHOME offers better protection and is more practical and quicker to use than a standard cover. I would definitely buy it again.”