BIKEHOME – The Folding Motorbike Shelter


The Folding Motorbike Shelter from Germany

The BIKEHOME folding motorbike shelter protects your bike year-round from dirt, dust, wind and weather. Our folding motorbike shelter is compact, portable and, due to its stable ground anchoring system, sturdy and protective. Made in Germany with high-quality materials, the BIKEHOME is completely weatherproof, able to withstand storms and cold temperatures. Our folding motorcycle shelter also features side ventilation slits, keeping condensation from building up on your bike and making it completely safe and practical even with a warm engine and exhaust. It couldn’t be more simple!

Motorbike Shelter – High Quality Made in Germany

We stand by each BIKEHOME and only use high-quality materials, making each of our folding motorcycle garages able to endure more and last longer. With proper care and upkeep, the BIKEHOME can easily last ten years or more! The BIKEHOME cover is made of plastic-faced, UV-treated material comparable to a high-quality lorry cover. The swiveling metal bars are made of galvanized steel pipes.

It is Easy to Save Time with the BIKEHOME Motorbike Shelter!

  drive your motorcycle in
  pull the protective cover over
  and your bike is at home!

This simplicity is what makes the BIKEHOME different from typical motorcycle covers: easily opened and closed with one handle and one hand movement. The portability and compact size of the BIKEHOME also provides it an advantage over mounted or folding metal motorbike garages.


A good choice – we guarantee!

We are confident in our quality – each BIKEHOME comes with a five year guarantee upon purchase.

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BIKEHOME Customer Reviews

Bodo C.

“I am very satisfied and my expectations were completely met. The BIKEHOME provides complete protection for motorcycles and is very easy to use. On top of this, air can circulate very well under the BIKEHOME. I would absolutely buy the BIKEHOME again.”

Günther H.

“I am very pleased with my purchase and the protection that this product gives my motorcycle. Although conventional covers are nice, the BIKEHOME has the advantage of being able to use immediately after a ride. No more waiting until the exhaust cools down: just pull up, park and close the BIKEHOME. Excellent for people who do not have a garage.”

Ralph K.

“I am definitely very happy with my purchase :-))! All of my expectations were met! Quick and easy to use, just move one handle and your bike is kept dry, ventilated and is always ready to go! I would buy the BIKEHOME again!”

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Many Advantages

The folding garage completely covers your bike and protects even from the strongest storms
Ventilation slits prevent damage from condensation
More professional and polished look than a typical canvas cover
Safe distance between motor/exhaust and garage
Safe to use directly after a ride, even with a hot motor
Great price to quality ratio
The first folding motorcycle garage on the market

Product variants

BIKEHOME Folding Motorbike Shelter light grey

BIKEHOME | light gray
from € 299,- incl. Tax


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BIKEHOME Folding Motorbike Shelter dark grey

BIKEHOME | dark grey
from € 299,- incl. Tax


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