BIKEHOME - The folding Motorbike Shelter

The best protection for your motorbike against storm and weather.

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The Folding Motorbike Shelter from Germany

The BIKEHOME folding motorbike shelter protects your bike year-round from dirt, dust, wind and weather. Our folding motorbike shelter is compact, portable and, due to its stable ground anchoring system, sturdy and protective. Made in Germany with high-quality materials, the BIKEHOME is completely weatherproof, able to withstand storms and cold temperatures. Our folding motorcycle shelter also features side ventilation slits, keeping condensation from building up on your bike and making it completely safe and practical even with a warm engine and exhaust. It couldn’t be more simple!

BIKEHOME Motorbike Shelter – High Quality Made in Germany

We stand by each BIKEHOME and only use high-quality materials, making each of our folding motorcycle garages able to endure more and last longer. With proper care and upkeep, the BIKEHOME can easily last ten years or more! The BIKEHOME cover is made of plastic-faced, UV-treated material comparable to a high-quality lorry cover. The swiveling metal bars are made of galvanized steel pipes.

It is Easy to Save Time with the BIKEHOME Motorcycle garage!

1. drive your motorcycle in
2. pull the protective cover over
3. and your bike is at home!

This simplicity is what makes the BIKEHOME different from typical motorcycle covers: easily opened and closed with one handle and one hand movement. The portability and compact size of the BIKEHOME also provides it an advantage over mounted or folding metal motorbike garages.

The BIKEHOME Benefits

Safe time

Very easy to use - easily opened and closed with one hand movement.


protects your bike year-round from storm, dust, wind and weather.


Made in Germany with high-quality materials.


Five year guarantee upon purchase.

Customer Reviews

“I am very pleased with my purchase and the protection that this product gives my motorcycle. Although conventional covers are nice, the BIKEHOME has the advantage of being able to use immediately after a ride. No more waiting until the exhaust cools down: just pull up, park and close the BIKEHOME. Excellent for people who do not have a garage.”
Günther H.
“I am definitely very happy with my purchase :-))! All of my expectations were met! Quick and easy to use, just move one handle and your bike is kept dry, ventilated and is always ready to go! I would buy the BIKEHOME again!”
Ralph K.
“I am very satisfied and my expectations were completely met. The BIKEHOME provides complete protection for motorcycles and is very easy to use. On top of this, air can circulate very well under the BIKEHOME. I would absolutely buy the BIKEHOME again.”
Bodo C.


Bolts and screws are sent with all BIKEHOMEs. We recommend fastening the BIKEHOME to a solid surface, such as concrete or stone. This ensures optimal stability.

Length: 280 cm / Width: 110 cm / Height: 160 cm
Distance between holes in floor: 108 cm

  plastic coated material
  tear and scratch proof
  UV treated
  frost and weather resistant
  hand washable

The BIKEHOME folding motorcycle garage is based on a galvanized steel frame.

Each BIKEHOME comes with a five year quality warranty upon purchase which covers damage incurred from standard use or faulty materials. The warranty does not cover damage due to irregular care and handling or mechanical damage.  

Delivery time typically lasts only a few working days. Payment is accepted as either advance payment or via PayPal. GLS is our shipping provider. Upon ordering you will receive a short order confirmation to your provided e-mail address. A more detailed order confirmation, receipt and estimated delivery date is sent within 24 hours after purchase. Order confirmation will be sent via snail mail if no e-mail address is entered. Payment via PayPal can be carried out with just a few clicks directly after ordering.

Cover damage is a rare occurrence, but a spare cover can be ordered for € 155,00 including shipping.

Order a Replacement Cover

  Time saving, practical design
  Optimal protection against storms
  Long product lifetime due to high-quality materials
  Ventilation slits avoid built up condensation
  Unique design
  Fits into any surroundings
  Can be used even with a hot motor/exhaust
  Safe distance between motor/exhaust and garage
  Great price to quality ratio

Want to know if your motorcycle will fit under the BIKEHOME? Just ask us! The BIKEHOME is suitable for all popular models. Exceptions are bikes with large or high top cases.

Check it out

The following motorcycles do not fit under the BIKEHOME:

  BMW  K1200 LT
  BMW R1200 CL
  Harley Davidson Electra Glide (Ultra) Classic
  Yamaha XVL 1300, TF Royal Star Venture
  Honda Gold Wing

The BIKEHOME folding garage is only available for motorcycles.

The BIKEHOME comes in one standard size, which is appropriate for nearly all motorcycles on the market.

Absolutely! These slits provide for optimal circulation and therefore protect your bike against damage from built up condensation.

The BIKEHOME is primarily made to protect motorcycles against environmental factors such as wind, storms, rain, snow, etc. As the cover could be damaged through vandalism, a lock would ultimately not add extra protection. Of course you can always add a lock after purchase if you so choose.

Assembling the BIKEHOME folding garage is a relatively simple process, aided by a detailed manual. We recommend two people for assembly.

Product variants

BIKEHOME - Light gray

BIKEHOME hellgrau

BIKEHOME - Dark gray

  Price incl. shipment
dGermanyEUR 319,00
aAustriaEUR 335,00
chSwitzerlandEUR 371,00
nlNetherlandsEUR 365,00
beBelgiumEUR 365,00
dkDenmarkEUR 365,00
luxLuxembourgEUR 365,00
fraFranceEUR 370,00
ukGreat BritainEUR 370,00
itaItalyEUR 370,00
plPolandEUR 365,00
skSlovakiaEUR 386,00
snSloveniaEUR 385,00
czCzechEUR 385,00
huHungaryEUR 385,00
ireIrelandEUR 385,00
porPortugalEUR 385,00
espSpainEUR 385,00
sweSwedenEUR 385,00
fiFinlandEUR 385,00

Folding Motorbike Shelter - Many further Advantages